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I am a finance and accounting person by profession and have been working in this field for over a decade. Currently, I'm working in the finance department of a private company.

Aside from loving finance/accounting work, I'm passionate about writing. I write articles and blogs. Moreover, I ghostwrite ebooks. I have the heart to write about personal finance because I want to spread financial literacy awareness and share personal experiences through writing.

Humble Beginnings: About


I started to write when I was in grade school. I wrote novels in which I used my classmates' names as characters. They've enjoyed reading my love stories, especially those love teams in our class.

Up until my high school and college days, I continued to write novels that made my classmates fun and "kilig". There was a time when one of my classmates requested to make her name the leading lady and her crush's name the leading man.

Those novels I made were all free to read. Yes, it's just free because their appreciation is enough for me to get inspired. It's priceless to hear their compliments. 

Image by Hadis Malekie
Humble Beginnings: About


SMN from SMN Write Solutions is derived from my full name's initial. I help financial bloggers, coaches, and experts, making me the right solution in finance writing.

As a writer, it is my advocacy to spread financial literacy. I partner with bloggers, coaches, and experts in the mission of spreading personal and business finance. This is how SMN Write Solutions came to life.

Image by Hadis Malekie
Humble Beginnings: About
Image by Hadis Malekie


Writing is my passion. It is how I express my thoughts or ideas. Moreover, it's my way to advocate the importance of simple finance education.

Here are my experiences in my writing journey which helped develop my skills:

1. Proofreading and Editing Emails.

I proofread and edit my officemate's email helping enhance my vocabulary and develop another level of writing. Normally, I charged nothing for it, and simply offer a free service to widen my writing style.

2. Facebook Content Creation for the Food Business.

In 2020, I created the business's Facebook page and content. I scheduled the calendar of posts or captions. I made images through Canva designs. Some of the Facebook content services are free of charge while I charged for the others.

3. Article Writing for PH's top financial blogger.

Last year 2021, I did article writing. I wrote articles for one of PH's top financial bloggers. The said articles were used for the magazine's newsletter. It was an excellent experience because I was able to meet the purpose of my writing.

4. Ebook Ghostwriting and SEO Blogpost Writing.

Come the year 2022 up to current, I got the chance to write for another PH's top financial blogger. Moreover, opening various opportunities for writing came like ghostwriting personality, how-to, and news articles.

Finance matters are my favorite topics to write about. I feel accomplished when I made an article about personal finance. This is the reason why through articles and blogs I'm partnering with financial bloggers.

Currently, I enjoy doing my job as a finance officer while writing for financial bloggers in the Philippines and outside the Philippines. Also, I continuously ghostwrite personality articles.

Humble Beginnings: About

So, what now?!

Do you want to work with a passionate and purpose-driven writer?

Are you a financial blogger, coach, or expert?

Do you need help putting your ideas into words?

Let me help you write articles, blogs, and ebooks.

Together, let's spread financial literacy through writing.

SMN sheneri,

SEO Blogpost Writer

Article & Ebook Ghostwriter

Humble Beginnings: About
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